In Jan 2019 I posted my first product, the Stone of Golorr, to Etsy. It took a couple of weeks to make my first sale, but that customer posted it to r/waterdeepdragonheist, and from there the orders soared.

Over the course of the year, I developed a bunch of new products and acquired loads of new skills.

In Dec 2019, I closed the store so that I could focus on finishing existing commissions, and start preparing to run a Kickstarter the following January.

The Kickstarter was a modest success, and on Feb 12th 2020 I signed out of my work PC for the last time.

I am now fully self-employed, working to fulfill the Kickstarter. I had some disagreements with Etsy, so I've reopened my store with Big Cartel. For now, there will just be stickers and occasional one-off hobby projects up for sale. Once I've made some good progress with the Kickstarter, I'll be adding some additional goodies.

Before I left Etsy, I made sure to save all my reviews! Here's a sample from a variety of different products.