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Raw Mimic Dice Tray - Boneflower


While moving house I discovered a handful of my resin-cast dice trays. These were cast at home, from an original sculpt. I've since sold off my resin kit, so they'll never again be reproduced.

These are RAW CASTS and as such will require sanding and lining. I will send a copy of the liner template with the cast, so that you can cut your own liner. If you wish to paint the eyes, I would recommend regular acrylic paints, with a clear resin protective layer.

When sanding, I would recommend wearing a respirator to prevent inhalation of plastic particles. If you do not have a respirator, wet sanding should minimise risk of inhalation (and will be easier to clean up).

The Boneflower tray is cast in clear resin, with a collection of carefully dried and preserved white flowers and genuine bird bones. Some of the bones protrude from the bottom surface, and should be sanded off before use.

Approx 190 x 160 x 30mm